view from Monte Faito, Naples



A Romantic Journey…

Settembre is a music project formed in London by Italian vocalist Angela Cicchetti and classical guitarist Ivan Imperiali.

They revisit the best Italian songwriting tradition highlighting the classic essence of its world-famous melodies and re-shaping it with elements from the great Brazilian, Spanish and Portuguese schools.

The delicate beauty of Angela’s singing and the pure tone of classical guitar take the audience on a romantic journey through memories and songs that made Italy famous.

From Italy to London around the world…

 Ivan: In January 2015, almost by accident, Angela recorded some vocals on a rendition I had made of the beautiful Italian song “Se Telefonando”, scored by master Ennio Morricone and originally performed by Mina back in the ’60’s. I found it so touching and beautiful that we decided to work on another song, and then another, and then another…..and here we are. We rummaged into our past in Southern Italy going back to when we were kids and our parents played to us these beautiful Italian songs on tape cassettes, and we would dream on those notes sitting in the back of a car, looking at the sea on a still very warm September day. “Settembre” is the result of all this.

The Early days…

Angela comes from the beautiful little medieval town of Teggiano, an hour drive from the baroque colourfulness of Naples, where Ivan is from. The music from this part of Southern Italy, greatly influenced by the Arabic sounds of Northern Africa, has also a lot in common with Falmenco, Portuguese Fado, Tango and Brazilian music.

Angela’s father was a saxophone player who used to bring her on stage with him since she was only eight years old. Ivan’s mother played the guitar and taught him his first chords and the songs of the great Italian song writers before he stole her instrument because he couldn’t stop playing.


Naples and the sea, the guitar of Baden Powell and the great singer Mina, Andalusia, Lisbon and Elis Regina. This is the journey, Settembre the soundtrack.